SelJel Jelatin produces pharmaceutical gelatine under FarmaSel brand.

Pharmaceutical gelatine is used for its adhesive, uniting and film formation features in the production of soft capsules, hard capsules and tablets. FarmaSel is widely preferred in production of soft capsules. In soft capsule production, the capsule and the filling agents are produced simultaneously.

Gelatine is an all-purpose component which has various application areas in medicine and pharmaceutical industry such as capsules, tablets, medical dressing materials, hemostatic sponge.

Production Types

Hard Capsules

Hard capsule production starts with immersion of stainless steel molds into gelatine solution. When gelatine dries it is removed from molds, fractions are combined and prepared for shipment. Then, this hard capsules are filled by pharmaceutical companies with their own products.

Soft Capsules

Production of soft gelatine capsule starts with wrapping of gelatine solution around the capsule mold. When the capsule formation starts, it is simultaneously filled with liquid medication.


Another application area of gelatine in medicine and pharmaceutical industry is tablets. It serves as binding agent and may be used as coating agent to prevent undesired taste and flavors. It also enables customization of the product with its feature allowing pressure. Melting feature, one of the specific properties of gelatine, plays a great role in timely and gradually release of the drug.